What You Should Know About Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is basically a software for editing images but it does so much more than Adobe Photoshop in terms easily making changes.

What are the features of Adobe Lightroom?

Probably one of the most important features of this software is that it is available on Android devices. So, just like any other app for editing pictures, you can use Sleeklens’ Lightroom presets to make your own images even look better. You can sync your edited pictures to your PC for storage.

While the Adobe Photoshop is used to create images from scratch and to do heavy editing, Adobe Lightroom is a little more, well, light. You can create pictures that look natural or create images that look surreal. With HDR Merge feature, it is simple to mix multiple shots taken with various exposure settings right into a single image.

You can capture ultra-wide views in amazing detail. Meanwhile, the Photo merge technology lets you merge multiple images to make seamless panoramas. In addition, using Lightroom presets will help you speed up the entire process.

You can import and perfect your photos quicker than ever as the software takes advantage of graphics processors to improve its overall speed. You can rapidly find pictures of family and your friend, even when you don’t put in metadata tags. Choose a face in a single photo, and the software searches for your person in the other images. You can classify and group your photos according to faces. Create slide shows that use still video, images, and music and top it with with professional-loooking effects such as pan and zoom.

Showcase your projects in interactive web art galleries from lightroom like on Infoparrot. The software is compatible with the new HTML5-and you can use different gallery templates from your desktop and mobile browsers.

Precisely control which areas of your image are influenced by the Radial or graduated filters. Now use a brush to edit the mask of the filter, thus allowing you to add or subtract filter effects as you like.

Publish web art galleries and then get feedback, start discussions and do so much more on Lightroom from your mobile phone or desktop.

As you can see from above, Lightroom is not as feature-rich as Adobe Photoshop, however, it is the one software that you can use to create something truly magical and upload it online. The software is not for free, however, it is cheap. You can use it for $10 as part of the package for creative cloud photography.
With Adobe Lightroom, you can do all your photography project all from one place. It allows you to edit, organize, and share your pictures from any computing device – from your computer, your iPad, iPhone and Android device. You can also have photos on your mobile device go directly into the Lightroom software as you shoot them. The syncing of pictures is automatically (the software is smart enough to take care of itself). When you edit or flag one picture as your favorite, the changes are automatically updated in other devices.

Get a hold of Adobe Lightroom now and watch the magic as it happens. Here is a guide on how to install adobe lightroom: