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Lightroom Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

LR29As a new beginner of Lightroom 5, I acquire some question on my mind on how to keep my photos organize so I can always find the photo that I’m looking for.  Suddenly, I did some mistakes that you should avoid. Here are some mistakes to be aware of and avoid when you’re starting out.

Renaming or moving photos outside of Lightroom

I went to my photos folder and rename it outside the Lightroom, and I thought Lightroom automatically did it. Then, I discovered the easy way around this one is to always move or rename your photos on Lightroom. Just right click on a folder or you can go to the library menu to rename a photo, and if you ever do see the question marks next to a folder, you can right click on it and select “find missing folder” and point it to where the folder is now.

Not adding photos to collections

Lightroom 5 competences for organizing your photos are equally as powerful as its capabilities for developing and editing photos. Collections are one of the foundations to a proper organization in Lightroom 5, but sometimes we overlook the need to add photos to a collection when we are importing them. You must get in habit for adding new photos to a collection immediately after importing to avoid possible problems.

Not adding keywords to photos

Using keywords to your photos is one of the most powerful ways to organize photos so you can find it immediately.  Get in the habit of adding keywords in your photos is very helpful and important. You can put keywords before import process or even after importing.

Mixing flags, labels, and stars

I strongly recommend that you don’t need to mix using flags, star ratings and color labels. You must keep it simple. I personally use flags for my photos because in that way I can able to find my favorites by just the flagged photos.

Not rating photos

Lightroom 5 allows you to rate each photo as 1-5 stars. If you’re using the star ratings, it makes fast and simple to find your best photos. It is not necessary to rate every photo but you can rate at least your best photos. You will find that the rating you made can really help you in organizing.

Don’t pass by valuable organizing opportunity

When you’re going to import images into the Lightroom, they’re immediately added to a new category called “previous import”. They are pending there until you import more images. Taking all your newly imported images in a single collection allow you do things with them such as sorting them, adding keywords, and even preprocessing them as a group and without having to search them. In this way, you can avoid losing the benefits of the previous import catalog by discarding all the images from multiple cards into a single folder on your disk outside Lightroom and then import the folder of images into Lightroom.

Hopefully, it helps you see where some of the common mistakes happen when organizing in Lightroom and helps you avoid them.