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How To Get The Latest Version of Adobe Lightroom?

pic7Have you ever thought how hard being a photographer is? Most of us think that taking wonderful subjects and images is easy. We think that by clicking the button on the camera is enough. Being a photographer requires great passion and desire to capture one in a million photographs that can serve as memories

That is also the main reason why photographers seek assistance from photo related tool such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and etc. To help them simplify the process of editing hundreds and thousands of images. They also need to invest more time in understanding each program they encounter.

Today, most photographers are still in the process of understanding the latest upgrade of adobe: lightroom version 6. The company released the newest version of lightroom in April 21 of this year. The program is now available in all online stores. However, there are limitations of features in lightroom 6 since users can’t still get into both web and mobile versions of lightroom 6.

A little overview about lightroom’s feature:

Lighroom mobile for all devices allows users to do basic image editing on mobile devices since it can be synced to the main lightroom interface. In addition, mobile versions of lightroom can directly send edited images from mobile to desktop.

On the other hand, lightroom web has the ability to store image collections from the main lightroom library. With web service, users can easily share their created lightroom presets and the best resume template to people whom they’re connected with in lightroom. They can provide complete access to their collections by giving their web link to their clients that allows them to leave a comment on the images.

One of the greatest advantages of adobe lightroom 6 is that even if it still needs some fixations, it can still provide great editing and organizing performance to users. As long as your devices is compatible with it, use it as long as you can.