Getting To Know Adobe Lightroom CC

The long wait is over for most Lightroom users, Adobe has recently released its new version of Lightroom called “Lightroom CC”. It contains a lot of exciting and useful features and services that you’ll surely enjoy.

While the recent Lightroom update won’t have a big impact for most Aperture enthusiast, other Lightroom users can easily identify several major changes in it as this version is commonly known as the better version of Lightroom.

LR6Basically, in this version, you will be thrilled and overwhelmed about its improvements. In addition, Adobe decided to release a separate version of the program called Lightroom 6. Yes, Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 have the same features and services. For those creative cloud subscribers, they can immediately enjoy the upgrade as it will automatically appear on your subscription. Lightroom CC is also considered as one of the best upgrade made by Adobe.

As what we’ve discussed earlier, the newly released Lightroom CC contains several useful features and adjustments. In this article, we will talk about how this Lightroom CC version can help you with your workflow.

One of the notable improvements in Lightroom is the speed. Unlike the previous versions, Lightroom CC is more faster and reliable. It can work efficiently without having delays. Adobe System has added the ability for some important data to be unloaded on the graphics processor of your desktop computers. Lightroom CC has also shown improved speed in editing images and creating Lightroom presets. Surely, this program will help you save a lot of time in editing images and resume templates for word.

Merging Photos to Panorama is one of the newest features in Lightroom. You can now have the chance to create panoramic images directly within the interface of Lightroom. Along with other improvements, the ability to merge different photos in Lightroom to make a super wide image is one of the brilliant improvements made by Adobe.

There are still a lot of small improvements in Lightroom CC, such as pet eye removal, slideshow module, tone adjustments and built-in presets. So if you want more ideas about the program, check more Lightroom presets at sleeklens.