Preset Perfect for Your Wedding

  • Easy photo editing via Lightroom presets
  • Generating more likes and followers online out of using Lightroom presets for your photos
  • Lightroom offering video tutorials on how to enhance your photos

If you are meticulous about having a more intricate enhancement for your wedding pics, then these presets for weddings from Lightroom is the way to go.

Aside from being meticulous about it, though, the desire also to presenting your photos online in a variety of ways should be a part of your plan as well.


Lightroom has seen it all when it comes to your wedding pics, so now we are offering you with the best presets for weddings that will make appropriate designs and colorful effects with your photos.

These presets for weddings are so accessible online that you can download them anytime and with great ease. And as soon as you download these presets, it is only a matter of time before you can have pictures that perk up the imagination of your viewers.

No need to worry about how to handle these presets for weddings, in the first place, because it has its corresponding video tutorial for you to navigate its tools with great ease. Such are the benefits of having these presets for weddings with you.

It saves you time, saves you enough resources, because most of these presets are free online. The good thing about Lightroom is that it makes photo editing so easy to handle, where you don’t need the services anymore of a photographer for you to make edits to your photos.

So what are you waiting for, download these presets for weddings now and experiment it with your photos. You don’t have nothing to lose; you only have everything to gain, because these Lightroom-enhanced wedding photos will enrich your wedding moment even better.

It’s good that you are meticulous about your wedding photos. That is exactly what these presets for weddings mean when you use Lightroom, because the editing is concentrated and meticulous.

Fall in Love with Adobe Lightroom and its Presets

  • Adobe Lightroom is the only post processing program that provides easy-to-use editing controls
  • This article will give you several reasons why most photographers are in love with Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Lightroom can be a tool for everyone

Adobe Lightroom Quick Overview

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most convenient, reliable and powerful photo editing tools available on the market today. It has the ability to do several editing tasks such as converting RAW and JPEG files, modify massive numbers of images with the use of presets, create slideshows and more. In addition, Adobe Lightroom is the only post processing program that provides easy-to-use editing controls and features since it has seven different modules to help photographers with their workflow.


This article will give you several reasons why most photographers are in love with Adobe Lightroom and its Presets. The program is basically:

Developed for Professional Photographers

While Adobe Lightroom can be a tool for everyone, you also need to know that before it was released in 2006, Adobe developed Lightroom intentionally for professional photographers since Adobe wants to help them simplify their workload.

One of the Best Photo Management Tools

Adobe Lightroom was made not only to modify several images but also to organize in one collection folder. The program has an extraordinary photo management features that allow users to import, export, duplicate and backup high-quality and treasured files like snow presets  in one catalog folder.

A Great Tool that Produce High-Quality Image Outcome

With Adobe Lightroom and its presets, you can always have a constant and similar image results. By using Lightroom snow presets to your winter landscape portraits, you’ll never go wrong with the outcome.

A Helpful Tool

Aside from the fact that Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools next to Photshop, the program is also considered as the best tool that allows users to save time in their editing workload since they can just apply presets to one or more images at once.

Enhancing Your Creativity through Lightroom

lr1For several years now, Adobe Photoshop has been the most efficient and useful post processing tool in the market.  However, most professional photographers needed something new and fast that will help them simplify their editing workload. Photographers needed a new tool that will help them save a lot of time in editing, thus giving them more time to do other important things. Fortunately, Adobe system, developed and released Adobe Lightroom, a non destructive tool which aims to render great service to photographers and other users.

In this brief article, we will discuss about some reasons why Adobe Lightroom preset can help you enhance your creativity and skills in creating images.

The Ability to Use Presets

One of the main advantages of using Adobe Lightroom is the ability to use presets for your images. You can either create your own presets with different styles, theme and effects or download presets for free or paid.

User Friendly Interface

Adobe Lightroom has an easy-to-use and user friendly interface. Users can freely modify their images, create presets, slideshows and more. Unlike other programs, Lightroom has its own unique way to let you understand the program easily.

To get a list of great lightroom preset, check on this pinterest account.

Storing Lightroom Images

Adobe Lightroom has long been known to be one of the best editing tools in the industry.  Why? Because it contains a lot of wonderful and useful features that can help photographers in their workloads. Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom has more easy to use and understandable features and services.

aug6Most photographers use Adobe Lightroom because it is more convenient. They are also more comfortable with the services, especially with the presets in Lightroom. Moreover, with the help of the program, they can easily organize and manage their images in one collection. They don’t need to worry about losing images and files.

Storing Lightroom Images Made Easier

One of the best advantages of using Lightroom is that its ability to make customized Lightroom presets. In addition, the program is a non-destructive tool that keeps the original setting of the image intact. Photographers need not to worry about destroying their images when editing it. Going back to best Lightroom presets, all of it is modifiable and reusable so you can keep it in the library mode as long as you want.

Transferring and storing photos from Lightroom’s interface made easier than ever. Adobe made sure that the program will automatically save the edited files to the library mode. And if you want a copy of the image, you can always transfer it directly to your computer.

On the other hand, exporting images from Lightroom signals the program to generate a copy of both the original and edited files. Basically, Lightroom has the ability to export, import, transfer, share and store images easily. Unlike other tools, Lightroom does not automatically remove files without notifying the user.


With Lightroom, storing images is easy. However, to avoid losing files, it is recommended that we always back up our files and store it to a safer location.


Getting To Know Adobe Lightroom CC

The long wait is over for most Lightroom users, Adobe has recently released its new version of Lightroom called “Lightroom CC”. It contains a lot of exciting and useful features and services that you’ll surely enjoy.

While the recent Lightroom update won’t have a big impact for most Aperture enthusiast, other Lightroom users can easily identify several major changes in it as this version is commonly known as the better version of Lightroom.

LR6Basically, in this version, you will be thrilled and overwhelmed about its improvements. In addition, Adobe decided to release a separate version of the program called Lightroom 6. Yes, Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 have the same features and services. For those creative cloud subscribers, they can immediately enjoy the upgrade as it will automatically appear on your subscription. Lightroom CC is also considered as one of the best upgrade made by Adobe.

As what we’ve discussed earlier, the newly released Lightroom CC contains several useful features and adjustments. In this article, we will talk about how this Lightroom CC version can help you with your workflow.

One of the notable improvements in Lightroom is the speed. Unlike the previous versions, Lightroom CC is more faster and reliable. It can work efficiently without having delays. Adobe System has added the ability for some important data to be unloaded on the graphics processor of your desktop computers. Lightroom CC has also shown improved speed in editing images and creating Lightroom presets. Surely, this program will help you save a lot of time in editing images.

Merging Photos to Panorama is one of the newest features in Lightroom. You can now have the chance to create panoramic images directly within the interface of Lightroom. Along with other improvements, the ability to merge different photos in Lightroom to make a super wide image is one of the brilliant improvements made by Adobe.

There are still a lot of small improvements in Lightroom CC, such as pet eye removal, slideshow module, tone adjustments and built-in presets. So if you want more ideas about the program, check more Lightroom presets at sleeklens.


Why Your Camera’s Image Buffer is Important

When choosing a camera, you might look at the price, its lenses, whether it is a digital camera or an analogue one, the shutter and aperture among other things. A huge number of photographers do not look at the buffer of the cameras they are buying. But wait, what is the buffer of a camera?

In order to understand the buffer of a camera, we have to understand how modern cameras work. As the megapixels cameras are able to shoot increase, so do the size of the images taken with the cameras. For example, if you shoot in RAW formats with the hope of editing your photos using Adobe Lightroom you will get 8 MB images for a 8 megapixel camera and about 2-4 MB when shooting in JPEG.

These images have to be written (stored) to the memory that you are using to store the images be it a SD card or some form of flash storage. It is true that all the data contained in your images and photographs cannot be written in one go, it has to be held somewhere then written to the storage space you have chosen. While this is widely dependent on the camera and the storage space you have, the buffer of the camera you have is critical at this point.

The buffer of your camera is that space where photographs are stored before being transferred from the memory of a camera to that of your storage device. The size of this buffer will determine how fast you can shoot. If the buffer is small, you have to wait for it to clear, i.e for the images to be stored to the storage device, before you can shoot new images. As you can already see, the buffer will determine how fast you can shoot.

Secondly, if you shoot RAW images, you may need a camera with a larger buffer especially if you shoot fast moving the best action camera images. This is due to the larger size of RAW images. Those who use cameras that shoot faster image sequences may have to get new cameras or ensure their storage devices have the fastest write speeds possible.


When getting a camera therefore, it is important to ensure that you ask about the buffer of the camera. The buffer on your camera ought to let you shoot at least 20 images per second especially if you work in a fast paced industry such as the wedding industry or if you wish to shoor in RAW then edit the images later using Adobe Lightroom Presets.

How To Get The Latest Version of Adobe Lightroom?

pic7Have you ever thought how hard being a photographer is? Most of us think that taking wonderful subjects and images is easy. We think that by clicking the button on the camera is enough. Being a photographer requires great passion and desire to capture one in a million photographs that can serve as memories

That is also the main reason why photographers seek assistance from photo related tool such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and etc. To help them simplify the process of editing hundreds and thousands of images. They also need to invest more time in understanding each program they encounter.

Today, most photographers are still in the process of understanding the latest upgrade of adobe: lightroom version 6. The company released the newest version of lightroom in April 21 of this year. The program is now available in all online stores. However, there are limitations of features in lightroom 6 since users can’t still get into both web and mobile versions of lightroom 6.

A little overview about lightroom’s feature:

Lighroom mobile for all devices allows users to do basic image editing on mobile devices since it can be synced to the main lightroom interface. In addition, mobile versions of lightroom can directly send edited images from mobile to desktop.

On the other hand, lightroom web has the ability to store image collections from the main lightroom library. With web service, users can easily share their created lightroom presets and the best resume template to people whom they’re connected with in lightroom. They can provide complete access to their collections by giving their web link to their clients that allows them to leave a comment on the images.

One of the greatest advantages of adobe lightroom 6 is that even if it still needs some fixations, it can still provide great editing and organizing performance to users. As long as your devices is compatible with it, use it as long as you can.

Lightroom Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

LR29As a new beginner of Lightroom 5, I acquire some question on my mind on how to keep my photos organize so I can always find the photo that I’m looking for.  Suddenly, I did some mistakes that you should avoid. Here are some mistakes to be aware of and avoid when you’re starting out.

Renaming or moving photos outside of Lightroom

I went to my photos folder and rename it outside the Lightroom, and I thought Lightroom automatically did it. Then, I discovered the easy way around this one is to always move or rename your photos on Lightroom. Just right click on a folder or you can go to the library menu to rename a photo, and if you ever do see the question marks next to a folder, you can right click on it and select “find missing folder” and point it to where the folder is now.

Not adding photos to collections

Lightroom 5 competences for organizing your photos are equally as powerful as its capabilities for developing and editing photos. Collections are one of the foundations to a proper organization in Lightroom 5, but sometimes we overlook the need to add photos to a collection when we are importing them. You must get in habit for adding new photos to a collection immediately after importing to avoid possible problems.

Not adding keywords to photos

Using keywords to your photos is one of the most powerful ways to organize photos so you can find it immediately.  Get in the habit of adding keywords in your photos is very helpful and important. You can put keywords before import process or even after importing.

Mixing flags, labels, and stars

I strongly recommend that you don’t need to mix using flags, star ratings and color labels. You must keep it simple. I personally use flags for my photos because in that way I can able to find my favorites by just the flagged photos.

Not rating photos

Lightroom 5 allows you to rate each photo as 1-5 stars. If you’re using the star ratings, it makes fast and simple to find your best photos. It is not necessary to rate every photo but you can rate at least your best photos. You will find that the rating you made can really help you in organizing.

Don’t pass by valuable organizing opportunity

When you’re going to import images into the Lightroom, they’re immediately added to a new category called “previous import”. They are pending there until you import more images. Taking all your newly imported images in a single collection allow you do things with them such as sorting them, adding keywords, and even preprocessing them as a group and without having to search them. In this way, you can avoid losing the benefits of the previous import catalog by discarding all the images from multiple cards into a single folder on your disk outside Lightroom and then import the folder of images into Lightroom.

Hopefully, it helps you see where some of the common mistakes happen when organizing in Lightroom and helps you avoid them.

Photography Tips 101

aug4Digital photography has captured the interest of many. More and more people are into taking photographs anytime of the day and everywhere they go. What’s more interesting is that people instantly share their photos online with their family and friends. Taking pictures is easy, but capturing real and beautiful images can be hard and tricky. Without proper exposure and creativity, images will always look dull and boring.

Keep these two important photography tips in mind for you to capture the best and beautiful photos.

Take the best photo alignment

Composition and alignment is the heart of photography. Basically, if you want to have a proportional image, you need to try and align the subject of your image to make sure that everything is perfect and good to shoot. Proper alignment of images gives you more reasons to play the position of the subject. A lot of new cameras today have a default grid lines which helps photographers in so many ways.

Proper adjustment of Exposure

Using the camera in a full manual mode does not produce great outcome. You need to adjust the exposure such as the light, brightness, and other basic exposure settings. In general, the camera has its own default exposure settings; however, it is not enough to produce a well-lit image outcome.

If an image looks too dark or light, you can always adjust it manually with the use of other editing program such as lightroom. The program has the ability to correct exposure inconsistency. Moreover, it allows users to create their own lightroom presets or use photoshop action using their captured images.

Sensibly Using of Flash

Using of flash can sometimes destroy the quality of the image especially if the surrounding is well-lighted. If you think that your subject is too close, it is best to turn off the flash to avoid intense outcome. You need to consider a lot of things prior to activating the flash when shooting an image.

What You Should Know About Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is basically a software for editing images but it does so much more than Adobe Photoshop in terms easily making changes.

What are the features of Adobe Lightroom?

Probably one of the most important features of this software is that it is available on Android devices. So, just like any other app for editing pictures, you can use Lightroom to make your own images even look better. You can sync your edited pictures to your PC for storage.

While the Adobe Photoshop is used to create images from scratch and to do heavy editing, Adobe Lightroom is a little more, well, light. You can create pictures that look natural or create images that look surreal. With HDR Merge feature, it is simple to mix multiple shots taken with various exposure settings right into a single image.

You can capture ultra-wide views in amazing detail. Meanwhile, the Photo merge technology lets you merge multiple images to make seamless panoramas. In addition, using Lightroom presets will help you speed up the entire process.

You can import and perfect your photos quicker than ever as the software takes advantage of graphics processors to improve its overall speed. You can rapidly find pictures of family and your friend, even when you don’t put in metadata tags. Choose a face in a single photo, and the software searches for your person in the other images. You can classify and group your photos according to faces. Create slide shows that use still video, images, and music and top it with with professional-loooking effects such as pan and zoom.

Showcase your projects in interactive web art galleries from lightroom like on Infoparrot. The software is compatible with the new HTML5-and you can use different gallery templates from your desktop and mobile browsers.

Precisely control which areas of your image are influenced by the Radial or graduated filters. Now use a brush to edit the mask of the filter, thus allowing you to add or subtract filter effects as you like.

Publish web art galleries and then get feedback, start discussions and do so much more on Lightroom from your mobile phone or desktop.

As you can see from above, Lightroom is not as feature-rich as Adobe Photoshop, however, it is the one software that you can use to create something truly magical and upload it online. The software is not for free, however, it is cheap. You can use it for $10 as part of the package for creative cloud photography.
With Adobe Lightroom, you can do all your photography project all from one place. It allows you to edit, organize, and share your pictures from any computing device – from your computer, your iPad, iPhone and Android device. You can also have photos on your mobile device go directly into the Lightroom software as you shoot them. The syncing of pictures is automatically (the software is smart enough to take care of itself). When you edit or flag one picture as your favorite, the changes are automatically updated in other devices.

Get a hold of Adobe Lightroom now and watch the magic as it happens. Here is a guide on how to install adobe lightroom: